Hydroponic System

Hydroponic System

Hydroponic gardening is the most productive way to grow all varieties of plants, including flowers, and fruits and vegetables for your dinner table. According to www.howtohydroponics.com, plants grown in a hydroponic system will exhibit maximum yield, flavor, and a higher vitamin and essential oil content than plants not grown hydroponically.

Learn the best kept secrets of building and gardening with high yield systems you can build on your own, in addition to everything else you need to grow and reap the rewards of hydroponic gardening without breaking the bank.

This site and many others dedicated to the topic including tricks, tips, and recipes. Colorful herbs including chives, dill, mint, parsley, cilantro, Italian basil, and more can be grown right in your kitchen if you like, and the make a wonderful taste addition to all your favorite dishes.

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Hydroponic systems vary by cost and quality, which is why it’s important to understand exactly how each system works. You can view a diagram of each type of basic system and how it works at Simply Hydroponics, located online at www.simplyhydro.com.

The wick system is by far the simplest, and it works well for smaller plants, and it’s is great for the classroom, which is probably why it’s popular with teachers. The water culture system is good for leaf lettuce, and ebb and flow systems can be used with a variety of growing mediums, but roots can dry out quickly if watering cycles are interrupted by power outage, pump, or timer failures.

The drip system is probably the most widely used type of hydroponic system in the world, and the aeroponic system is the most high-tech type of hydroponic gardening, which uses primarily air, meaning that the roots can dry out quickly if misting cycles are interrupted.

Each type of hydroponic system has its advantages and disadvantages and different models have many variations as well.

You can build your own hydroponic system fairly easily and inexpensively with do-it-yourself kits that can be easily modified to suit your particular needs, or you can purchase a Plug-n-Play grow box from www.sunlightsheds.com, which features affordable hydroponic systems perfect for beginners with everything included, from small to larger self contained grow boxes for your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Another site worth a visit is www.ezhydrokit.com, an online hydroponic store offering affordable and easy to use hydroponic systems. These grow systems come with everything you need including grow lights, cloning systems, hydroponics supplies, EZ-hydrogear and lots of helpful information about hydroponic gardening.

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